Women’s Ministry

Women’s Ministry

Ladies, have you been looking for a group of women that you can share your heart with and grow in the knowledge of the Lord? There is no doubt that the enemy is on the prowl looking to destroy families in the home and the God call upon the women in churches all across the world. If you are looking for a place of fellowship, love, empowerment and the word of God, this is the place for you!


This ministry’s goal is bring our women both young and old in the church together to fellowship and grow together as a more unified body, sharing with one another the love of Christ.


We want to see all women empowered by the word of God and by the leading of the Holy Spirit, using their gifts and calling not only in the church, but also in the community that they have a direct impact upon.


We want to see all women growing in the knowledge of the Lord and His word. We want to see God’s word operating in every woman who attends our church and the freedoms that flow from it.
There have been many women of the Bible that God raised up and used as a part of His plan for His people and His church. It is here that we are going to see God do the same in our women to accomplish His will here in Bristol, TN!