We earnestly covet your prayers as we continue to grow this ministry and church within our local community. Here are some specific things you can join us in praying for:

People– We believe firmly that it takes a great army of people working together to fulfill the call and purpose of building and increasing the church both spiritually and in number.
Pray for:
– God to be working in the hearts and lives of the people in Bristol softening their hearts to the gospel message that we may add to the church daily.
– The Lord to raise up and add to our core team of God-honoring, community-building, believers who are passionate about the church to partner with us in this work.
Provision– Our church is constantly growing in number, size and in fulfilling prophecy spoken over it. Every year we continue to make improvements and add in addition to what has already been built. This is needed as we continue to strive towards the fulfillment of God’s word over this house.
Pray for:
– God to provide the increase of the abundance of provision to fulfill God’s word over this house and ministry.
– God to send those willing to sow into this ministry and help us achieve our goals.
Presence– None of our efforts will be successful if we are trying to accomplish this on our own strength. We desperately need to rely fully on God’s hand to lead us every step of the way.
Pray for:
– God presence to remain over this house and to be a place of overflow.
– God to be glorified in all that we do.
We can only move forward on our knees. Will you join us in praying for Harvest Worship Center and all that God wants to us to do in this city for His glory? As we seek the Lord together there is no limit to what He can accomplish through us!
If you need Prayer for anything, please fill out the form below so we can partner with you in agreement upon what you need.